Research seminar

The research seminar in musicology is a forum where scholars, PhD students and other students meet to discuss current or concluded projects within musicology or other related disciplines. A couple of times each semester, international scholars visit our department to present their work. Please note that some of the seminars are text seminars, to which texts can be acquired by contacting Lars Berglund by e-mail
NB! Due to the corona situation, the seminars will be held digitally in Zoom until at least 23rd of March. All seminars have the same Zoom link; see below.

The seminars are usually held Tuesdays from 1.15 pm CET until 3 pm. 

Research seminar spring semester 2021

NB: Additions or changes may be made during the semester. Check this page regularly!

Time and place (unless otherwise stated): Tuesday kl. 1.15pm-3pm in Zoom:

  1. 8/2 kl. 13.00: Dafna Dori defends her PhD thesis "The Brothers Al-Kuwaity and the Iraqi Song 1930-1950" NB! 1pm sharp
    Faculty opponent: Martin Greve, Orient-Institut, Istanbul
  2. 9/3 Helen Rossil: PhD thesis chapter with working title "Singing as religious practice: Kingoton and Brorson singing": "Optakt till analyserne: lydinsamling og (auditiv) analyse af folkelig salmesang"
  3. 16/3 Fredrica Roos: Chapter from PhD thesis on story worlds in Gustav Mahler's 4th and 5th symphonies
  4. 23/3 Emma Sohlgren: Presentation of PhD project: "Italian opera in Sweden during the Age of Liberty (1719-1772)"
  5. 20/4 Lauri Suurpää, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki: "An Individual Opposing the Crowd: The Capriccio of Haydn's String Quartet, Op. 20 No. 2"
  6. 27/4 Jonas Lundblad: "Messiaen's dialectic of eternity"
  7. 4/5 Erik Bergwall: Presentation of PhD project: "Musical intertextuality and learned counterpoint: music composed and collected by John Baldwin (1560-1615)"
  8. 18/5 Per-Henning Olsson: Title t.b.a.
  9. 25/5 Meghan Quinlan: Chapter from the book "Sanctifying Louis IX (1214-1270) through Song"
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