Course syllabus and schedule

Course litterature and course schedule for your course can be found in the Student Portal. The easiest way of finding your course is to search for the name of the course in the search box at the bottom of the page. When you reach the course page for your particular course, click the link "Syllabus and literature". You don't need to be logged in to be able to do the search.

Course examination

On some of our courses, your examination will be done through a test at campus. On the rest of the courses, the teacher will hand out the exam to you beforehand, and then you will have about two weeks to work with the exam, which will be somewhat like an essay. For the courses that are examined through a campus test, you need to register for the test beforehand, which you do by going to the Student Portal. Your teacher will inform you well in advance. If you have registered for an exam but get sick, we appreciate if you notify your teacher about it.

In case you want to practise ahead of the exam, you can get a copy of an older exam. Just ask your teacher, and he/she will assist you.

If you fail the exam, you have the right to do the exam once more during the same semester. Exactly when you can do that varies, but usually we have another exam within a month after the first one. If you failed both exams during the semester, and you want to come back another semester, that is usually also possible. Just contact our student counselor via e-mail at, and he/she will assist you.