Department of Musicology
Box 633, 751 26 Uppsala
Visiting address: Thunbergsvägen 3 H, Engelska Parken, Centre for Humanities, building 2

Headmaster for Undergraduate Studies:
Per-Henning Olsson , PhD, Lecturer
Phone: +46 18-471 78 87

Contact Per-Henning if you have questions about our courses, curriculum, admission requirements etc.

Headmaster for Advanced Studies:
Lars Berglund, PhD, lecturer
Phone: +46 18-471 15 66

Student Advisor:
Ivar Nordlander, Administrative Assistant 
Tfn: 018-471 68 65

Contact Ivar with questions about registration, transcripts, course layout & schedules, etc., or if you have questions about taking a break from studying, getting back into it, or getting extra help with your studies.

Head of the Department:
Lars Berglund
Phone: +46 18-471 15 66, +46 70-167 90 47 (Monday through Friday 9 am-4 pm CET)

Lars answers questions about the structure of the department.

Maria Leijon
Phone: +46 18-471 15 85
Fax: +46 18-471 68 20

Our department does not have a regular librarian. However, anyone studying at the department (except distance students) has access to the library Monday through Friday 8 am-5 pm CET. If you want to borrow sheet music, please contact your teacher.

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