Welcome to the Department of Musicology!

Here we conduct studies and research in both older and newer music as well as in different cultures and ethnicities. We offer courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as at the graduate level. In undergraduate education are Musicology A, B and C, and Music Theory. The course can either be part of Musicology A (along with History of Music), or as a separate course. We also have a large number of distance learning courses that can be read regardless of where you are.

On the second level there is the Master Programme in the Humanities 120 hp. There you can choose if you want to get a one-year education and get a master's degree or two years with a master's degree. The master includes project of 30 credits in the Master's degree is 45 credits. If you already have a Master's, you can choose to supplement with a thesis of 15 credits, and thus obtain a master's degree. You can read more about the program if you go to university education page and then looking through to the Master Programme in the Humanities.

Learn more about our programs under the tab Training. You can also find our courses in the course catalog. If you want to ask questions about our programs, please contact primarily counselors Ivar Nordlander at tel. 018-471 68 65 or by mail, studievagledare@musik.uu.se

Lutheran Music Culture Conference 2017

Through the link below, you find information about and Call for papers for the Lutheran Music Culture Conference, which will be organized by the Department of Musicology between the 14th and 16th of September, 2017. Deadline for call for papers is March 15, 2017.

Lutheran Music Culture Conference 2017

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Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 08:30 - 11:00.

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Monday - Thursday 10:00 - 11:00

The department's telephone number is 018-471 68 65.

Appointments can be made outside this time. To do so or for other inquiries you can send an e-mail to studievagledare@musik.uu.se.

Research seminar

Responsible for the research seminar is Ester Lebedinski. To receive seminar texts or other material and to announce your interest in participating, or if you have any questions regarding the seminar series, please contact ester.lebedinski@musik.uu.se.

Research seminar spring semester 2017

NB: Additions or changes may be made during the semester. Check this page regularly!

Time and place (unless otherwise stated): Tuesday kl. 1.15pm-3pm in lecture room F2 (2-0047)

  1. 21/2: Jonas Lundblad, Uppsala: "Empirical pragmatism and the essentially human constitution of music - Perspectives from Schelling". Text.
  2. 28/2: Tobias Pontara, Gothenburg discusses his article "Interpretation and underscoring: modest constructivism and the issue of nondiegetic versus intradiegetic music in film". Text.
  3. 14/3: Mattias Lundberg, Uppsala: "The Molér 68(24) Part Books: A Cornerstone for the Polyphonic Mass in Västerås Cathedral in the late 16th Century". Text.
  4. 21/3: Signe Rotter, Universität der Künste, Berlin: "Music at the Service of Nordic Modernity? The Case of Wilhelm Stenhammar's Opening Cantata for the General Arts and Industries Exhibition in Stockholm 1897".
  5. 22/3: Interdisciplinary Eighteenth-Century Seminar: Lars Berglund & Maria Schildt, on the digitization of French court music in Uppsala University Library. N.B. the seminar time: 16.15-18.00.
  6. 25/4: Thomas Hilder, Bergen: "Sámi Musical Performance: Queer Voices, Indigenous Sovereignty".
  7. 16/5: Kjell-Åke Hamrén, Uppsala: Presenting a chapter from his dissertation on Sven Karpe and his method for teaching violin. Text.
  8. 23/5: Hermann Danuser, Humbolt-Universität, Berlin: "Meta music"
  9. 3/6: Public dissertation defence: Karin Eriksson will defend her dissertation on Swedish folk music and the Zorn badge. Faculty opponent: Professor Martin Stokes, King's College, London. N.B. seminar time and place: Saturday June 3, 1 pm. Auditorium Minus, Gustavianum, Akademigatan 3.